Susan Dennard


Susan Dennard is President and has been a volunteer since 2007. She works three shifts a week, has been involved in fund raising events and has participated in dog transports. She has four rescue dogs of her own, three from Wade Adoption Center, and two cats, one a rescue.

She is very excited about being an officer during this very important time of the building of a new animal shelter for the Humane Society of NW Georgia and the Dalton community. She hopes to contribute towards that goal.

Aaron Painter

1st Vice President

Aaron Painter is a lifelong resident of Northwest Georgia and has been a volunteer with the Humane Society of Northwest Georgia since 2013. During his time with the HSNWGA he has worked 2 shifts a week, been involved with fundraising and adoption events, participated in dog transports, and serves on the Kennel Committee. His desire to help the animals staying with the HSNWGA has led him to participate in webinars through the ASPCA, and seek out new ways to bring best management practices for animal shelters to the HSNWGA.

Aaron has had a passion for animals his whole life. He has always had a dog in his life along with a wide range of animals from fish, ferrets, chickens, and a 10 ½ ft. long Burmese python. He currently has three rescue dogs of his own; Bellus, Dixie, and Annie. They enjoy doggie play dates with friends and family, camping, and hiking as time allows.

“I am honored to serve the animals, and people of Whitfield Co. I look forward to helping the HSNWGA achieve the goal of a community where no healthy adoptable pets are euthanized.”


Alan Peeples

2nd Vice President



Deborah Duvall


Debbie has lived in Whitfield County since 1970 and was retired from a lifelong career in the public safety field in 2007. At that time she became involved with the HSNWGA serving as a volunteer on one or two shifts a week and helping on other shifts as needed. She has only recently become an active member and was elected secretary for the 2016 year. She has helped with fundraising events such as Strutt Your Mutt and with adoption promotion events such as Prater’s Mill.

“My hope and prayer is that our society and Almighty God will stop all cruelty toward animals and that someday there will be no need for animal shelters.”

Martha LaBar